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Black neck skin texture close up.

Dark neck with lines.

A dark neck with lines is a problematic issue for a lot of people, especially when the complexion of your face is light but the skin colour of the neck begins to darken, which causes a lot of distress to people. When a dark neck appears to women, they hesitate to wear fashionable clothes. And when it happens to men, they hesitate in wearing open neck t-shirts. In fact, in a lot of ways, this problem causes an inferiority complex in people. Which makes them feel under-confident and unsure. Sometimes people's mistakes this for dirt accumulated on the neck and then scrub the area with soap, but the net result is that instead of skin getting lighter it gets darker because of daily rubbing with soap and loss of moisture. themselves.

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pigmentation on face

pigmentation skincare | pigmentation on face.

Skin pigmentation on face is the primary reasons why people seek out dermatologists help. One of the most common causes of pigmentation is that we all know, Indians are mostly having brown coloured skin and any injury like a small acne breakout usually leads to pigmentation. The second and the most common cause we see is melasma; it is a widespread pigmentation disorder in which you see dark spots over sun-exposed areas.

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